Student Blog: ‘Heal’ Movie Review

Rated 7/10 IMDB | Released on 20th October 2017. 

This documentary film takes on the scientific and spiritual journey with lessons around the healing process of the complexity of the human body. It gave examples of how some of the stresses we may carry may hinder the body’s ability to carry out the healing process. This movie takes on a very holistic approach to mind-body medicine and the way we can use it to our advantage. Something that really struck out to me was when we have a cut the body heals itself, this is not something that I had really pondered on before watching this movie. The different people that came on and opened up about their medical’s journeys gave me a better understanding of how medicine is not always straight forward and sometimes requires different components including mindset and emotions we may be carrying. It was a very realistic in the sense that not everyone was able to find a cure to their problems and continued onwards to this exploratory journey of searching for answers.

Concepts such as mindfulness was also introduced which I found very helpful as it gave me something that I could implement in my own daily life and interactions. I realised how powerful the mind can be and how everything starts with the mind. The underlying message of this was that stress is a major component in causing disease and in modern living we are constantly in fight or flight mode continuing to add to this stress. 

The movie connects to people who have recovered from cancer and now in remission and  have found through research that was conducted that these people had nine things in common which they used in recovery: 

  1. Changing diet 
  2. Using herbs and supplements  ( these two are connected to what we eat, the other seven are connected to our mind and the way we think)
  3. Taking control of your health 
  4.  Following your intuition 
  5.  Releasing supressed emotions 
  6. Increasing positive emotions 
  7. Embracing social support 
  8. Deepening spiritual connection 
  9. Have a strong reason for living. 

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this documentary and would highly recommend to you!

By Zahra, a Year 10 Student at Harris Academy Bromley

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