Student Blog: Reflecting on Dr Marcia Philbin’s Talk

I attended an online seminar with Dr Marcia Philbin, Chief Executive of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine who talks about her job as a Chemist and Project Manager in the Ministry of Defence, Assistant Director of Policy and Research at the Royal College of Pediatricians and Childcare. The event was on Wednesday 03/03/21. I attended this online seminar because it sounded interesting and explored some of the topics that I am interested in e.g., Science and medicine. It turned out to be very educational and useful with Dr Marcia Philbin sharing her experiences and how she progressed forwards. 

 After personally attending the online seminar with Dr Marcia Philbin, I am happy to say it was amazing! It had lots of useful information that would help someone if they wanted to pursue a career in medicine etc. It was remarkably interesting to hear her life story and how she got to the point she is at today.

My favourite part in the online seminar was when she talked about all the different projects she did because they sounded interesting and motivated me to think that you do not have to stick to one project, job in life. She talked about a wide range of topics, some of it including why chemistry is important and voluntary work she did. She mentioned that Chemistry is important because it affects all aspects of modern society, for example our phones use chemistry to work. She also said that it is versatile and develops analytical thinking. In terms of voluntary work, some of the places she volunteered were Inclusion and Diversity Committee, Macro Group Uk and Royal Society of Chemistry.

Overall, I think Dr Marcia Philbin is an inspiring woman and is an amazing role model to lots of young people who want to pursue a career In STEMM.

By Abeer, a Year 9 Student at Harris Girls’ Academy Bromley


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