Speaker Series

Our speaker series aim highlight diversity in science and in the range of job types that involved STEMM knowledge and skills. 

Students taking part in My STEMM Future can attend the live sessions, and watch recordings of the previous sessions, to count towards ‘Shaping Your Future’.

Previous speaker series recordings:

Sasha Henriques

Sasha is a genetic counsellor and PhD student at the Wellcome Connecting Science, Wellcome Sanger Institute and The University of Cambridge. She has a background in science communication and public engagement to ensure clinical care in genomics meets the needs of all.

Mariya Chhatriwala

Mariya is the Business Development Manager at the Wellcome Genome Campus. A scientist with 10 years of experience working in various biological specialities, she shifted to working in the Technology Translation Office at Sanger to use her expertise to help research outputs translate into business and commercial companies.

Dr Raven the Science Maven

Raven is an internationally acclaimed educator and molecular biologist.. She joined us for our online Celebration Event to share her story into STEM.

Krystina Pearson-Rampeeaaree

Krystina, a chartered engineer and senior flight systems engineer, joined us to talk about her path into engineering, and the importance of diversity and representation in STEM.

Aisha Yusuf & Kagiso Loeto

Aisha Yusuf and Kagiso Loeto, PhD students at the University of Cambridge, and members of Africans in STEM, joined us to talk about their studies and routes into University.

Christine Boinett

Dr Christine Boinett joined us to discuss her career journey, from PhD to Bioinformatician with an interest in anti-microbial resistance.

Nishadi De Silva

Nishadi De Silva joined us to discuss her career journey in computer science and bioinformatics.

Divya M. Persaud

Divya, a planetary geologist, writer, and composer, joined us to talk about her work.

Tanesha Allen

Tanesha is a zoologist and behavioural ecologist, and joins us to talk about her research and work with animals.

Tapoka Mkandawire

The fifth in the Speaker Series, Tapoka Mkandawire discusses her PhD studying parasitology.

Eric Numkam-Fokoua

Dr Eric Numkam-Fokoua discusses his career pathway in engineering.

Mandisa Greene

Dr Mandisa Greene talks about her career as a Veterinary Surgeon.

Marcia Philbin

Dr Marcia Philbin talks about her career as a Chemist.

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