Welcome to My STEMM Future

Previously known as Black STEMM Futures, the teams behind the programme have decided to rename the programme to better reflect the diversity of students and scientists involved in the programme – in the past year the programme has supported students from a range of racially minoritised backgrounds to work towards a Youth STEMM Award.

Welcome to the My STEMM Future programme, a joint initiative from the Wellcome Genome Campus and the Youth STEMM Award.

By taking part you are joining a cohort of students who are taking positive action to enhance their future prospects. Over the course of the programme you will have the opportunity to participate in a range of different activities and discover more about the world of STEMM as you work towards a Bronze Youth STEMM Award.

By exploring different areas of STEMM you will broaden your horizons about the many different careers on offer and discover were your interests and passions can take you. You will develop your communication skills as you engage the public and will become a role model as you inspire younger students. You will explore your future career options and enhance your skills and knowledge. You’ll champion diversity and equality in all you do and help create a fairer future for us all.

As well as the activities on offer from the Wellcome Genome Campus, lots of other activities can also count towards your Award. There are lots of suggestions in your participation booklet to get you started and you can come up with your own ideas based on things that interest you. We challenge you to also step out of your comfort zone and explore areas you might not have previously considered – who knows where it might lead!

By the end of the programme we hope you will feel better prepared and more equipped to take your next steps into STEMM through further and higher education.

All the basic information you need is contained in your participant booklet and you can find more at www.ysawards.co.uk.

Be inspiring, engage others, develop yourself and shape your own future, and most importantly,

Have fun!

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